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Entry Conditions and Important Information

The 2017 NSW Open Championship is being held in the Genea NetBall Centre, 2 Olympic Boulevard, Sydney Olympic Park in NSW. We have moved to this fabulous brand new venue with tiered seating for 800 persons, large dance floor with a separate warm-up practice floor. All seating will be un-reserved but if you want to sit as a Studio Group then please come early and make sure you are all seated with you studio and your personal cheer squad. There is a Canteen on site with Tea/Coffee/soft drinks/light meals available all day.

We have included Professional with Amateur Competitor into the Programme for Juvenile/Junior/Masters /Adult. In these events the Amateur Competitors must be partnered only by Registered Professional Coaches.

This year the Championship will be held in 3 sessions:

  1. First Session – doors open 8.00am. Starting time 9.00am. Finishing time approximately 12.00pm.
    Individual competitors/Juvenile and Junior Competitors
  2. Second Session –Graded Events for Youth/Amateur/Masters 1,2 & 3. Commencing at 12noon and concluding at 6.00pm.
  3. Evening Session - Grand Finals of the Open Championships in Youth/Amateur/Professional Events.

More information will be posted on this site with regards to the Syllabus, entries and ticketing.

There is a new Branch Committee for 2017 and everyone is looking forward to seeing you all on the 15th July. We have listened to your requirements and hope that we have gone a long way to giving you the ideal setting for a large Championship. All you have to do is bring your fabulous dancing, your supportive friends and family and make this a great day of exciting challenges where it will be difficult to hear the music over the cheering of the audience.

The Syllabus of Events are as follows:

Recreational Events  (Events 1-24)  

ABC Graded & Open - Professional Events - Entry Conditions & Information  (Events 25-84)  

The NSW Open is classified as a Championship event. DSA Rules cover all aspects of the Championship.